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The cinema experience that gives a whole lot more than just films


Despite the rise of film and television availability in the home via platforms like Netflix and NowTV, cinema has remained a strong market across the whole of the country, which is true of Everyman, a cinema group that is continuing to grow.

Admission numbers have remained steady since around 2002, with 2017 showing 170.6 million admissions across the UK. The highest level of admissions was in 1946 with 1,635 million and the lowest ever was 1984 with just 54 million admissions.

With so many attractions vying for consumers’ attention, what is it about cinema that keeps people putting their hand in their pocket and handing over their hard-earned disposable income?

For most, it’s the experience of seeing a film on the big screen with the accompanying sound system. Often, there are films that HAVE to be seen on the big screen to fully appreciate them. Then there are personal traditions that go with certain franchises, such as always seeing the newest Star Wars film on the opening night. For some, impatience plays a big part with consumers not wanting to wait for it to come out on the networks or DVD and only see once your cinema going friends have told you what they think of every part of it and ruined the ending for you. Whatever the reason, cinema is still going strong.

Everyman are bringing unadulterated luxury to cinema-goers and providing an all-round experience, not just a film. With stunningly designed interiors, great food, imaginative drinks and exceptional customer service, Everyman lead the way in making a trip to the cinema a really special night out.

Everyman’s Crystal Palace venue

With 26 stylish venues across the UK and more openings to follow this year, Everyman offer a combination of the latest “must-see”, classic films, live theatre screenings and special film showings and events. Everyman are committed to breathing life back into old cinema and theatre buildings as well as seeking to revive the appeal of visiting the High Streets in the UK.

One of Everyman’s most recent openings is Crystal Palace, much to the delight of the local residents who have been campaigning for 8 years for a new cinema in the town. The site had been a cinema for 40 years before closing its doors in 1968 and has been through various incarnations since, including a church and bingo hall.

As Everyman’s solely retained property advisors, Insight are always on the lookout for buildings with potential, so please get in touch if you know of something in your area that could be the next innovative Everyman cinema.


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Insight are fully retained by Everyman Cinemas and are responsible for their property acquisition and expansion. To discuss our ongoing property requirements in further detail, please contact us on: 0117 930 4536